Price, Price, Price…it is the bottom line but it shouldn’t be the only thing or even the most important thing that you consider when you’re purchasing coverage for your cah (automobile). It absolutely is an important factor but…

At the time of an accident, it will be the last thing you think about! Whether it’s a fender bender, glass loss or more serious incident with bodily injury, you want to know you have the right coverage in place with a company and agent that will be there to counsel you over all of the details!

Details, details, details…there is a laundry list. It starts with how it happened, how it’s reported, what’s next, who’s at fault, claim settlement and what/when to expect information all of the way to…everything is back to pre-incident condition! There are many more possible steps/details in between and Atlantic Insurance is always here to help our clients.

Your coverage starts with an understanding of exposures to risk. Everyone’s financial situation is different and we understand that. We’re here to help you make an informed buying decision and to be here when you need us most.

Atlantic Insurance uses many local and national companies. We’re an independent insurance agency, representing what’s best for you! Sometimes it’s best to place your auto and home with the same company and sometimes there’s a better combination for many reasons, every situation is customized for you.

Give us a call or email at Atlantic Insurance, where “Having the Right Coverage is NO Accident!”

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