Tenants Insurance or Renters Insurance

If you’re renting an apartment, condo or a single family home you have an exposure to risk. What happens if there’s a fire, water damage, theft or major storm that damages your personal property???

If you purchased “Tenant’s Insurance”, you won’t suffer a financial loss like someone who didn’t! Depending on what town, type of property you live in and how much stuff you have the cost for coverage can be as low as $100-$150 for a full years’ coverage!!!

Best of all, it doesn’t just cover your personal property at your home. It covers your stuff in car, at the gym and almost anywhere your stuff goes! If you can’t live at your place because the landlord needs to clean up/rebuild after the loss, your tenants’ policy is going to pay for you to live somewhere else. You also get personal liability and there’s other special coverage for those renters with more complex needs.

As a wise old friend once told me, “Protect yourself before you wreck yourself!”